Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help? Find the answers to the questions we get asked most often about car leasing with motorlet…

Q. What does 'payment profile' mean?

A. A payment profile is how you decide to spread the cost of your lease. If the total cost of a vehicle is £3800 over 3 years, and based on a payment profile of '3+35', it would mean you have an initial rental of £300 and 35 monthly rentals of £100.

Q. What happens if go over your mileage?

A. Before you order your vehicle, you will be made aware of the excess mileage charge. This is a charge that you will be billed per mile you go over.

Q. What about other charges at the end of the lease?

A. The charges are for damage only - noticeable damage. If the vehicle's resale value is affected due to damage, then you will be charged accordingly. That said, they expect a used car back, so they take wear and tear into consideration. You may also be charged if anything is missing from the car (like a cigarette lighter), so make sure the vehicle is returned as it was when delivered!

Q. What is maintenance?

A. Maintenance is an optional monthly payment, separate to your lease cost, that covers you for wear and tear i.e. routine servicing, tyres, MOTs, brake discs etc. As you're expected to treat the vehicle as if it's your own, you'll have to pay for the maintenance yourself if you do not choose to have it at the start of your agreement. If you take out maintenance, you'll only have to insure the vehicle and put the fuel in. As soon as something needs doing (like a service or tyre replacement), you make one call and it's done!

Q. Can I change my car half way through?

A. If you want to change your car before the end of your agreement, you'll have to pay a termination fee to come out of the contract early. This can range anywhere from 50% of the reaming cost and upward.

Q. Do I have to pay another initial rental when I renew?

A. No. You can choose a payment profile that suits you. For example, when renewing your vehicle you can choose a 1+35 payment profile, which means you pay 36 monthly rentals of the same cost.

Q. Do I have the option to purchase the vehicle?

A. With most finance companies you do have this option. If you want to purchase the vehicle, let us know at any stage and we can request a quote to buy from the finance provider. However, this may already be built into your contract if you take out a PCP or Business Lease Purchase.

Q. Do you require a deposit?

A. In 99% of cases, we will not take a deposit. If the order you are placing is to the value of £75,000 or more, or the vehicle is a certain colour or specification, you may be asked. Any deposits taken are completely refundable at any stage - even if you cancel!

Q. Do you have any fees?

A. On certain deals we may charge a finder's fee. This is all disclosed up front so you're aware before you make a decision.

Q. How do I cancel my order?

A. All we need is written confirmation. Just email to us or send us a letter and we will advise once the order is cancelled. This will be followed by a quick refund of any deposits you may have paid.

Q. Do you take part exchanges?

A. Yes... most of the time! When you speak to us, let us know and we will ask you for a few details before making you an offer.

Q. What if something is incorrect with my vehicle?

A. Unfortunately these things can happen. Please let us know right away and we will resolve the matter as quickly as possible. This will come at no expense to you, and we will provide you with a vehicle to use if we have to take the vehicle in question back.

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