Car lead times increase due to semiconductor shortage.

Shortages of the chips in our lease cars has left us waiting much longer than usual to get in the driver's seat. Find out more here.
Car lead times increase due to semiconductor shortage.

Why are lead times on lease cars increasing?

Lead times on our range of lease cars are increasing due to an ongoing shortage of semiconductor chips that’s slowing down the manufacturing of our vehicles.

The semiconductor shortage has been causing trouble for many industries for a while now, with car manufacturers really feeling the pain. These little chips are behind the electric processes in our cars, so the mass shortage has meant the supply and demand chain on car orders is struggling in a big way.

Lease car orders are facing extremely long wait times, as semiconductors can take up to 12 weeks to make. If you imagine that there’s a huge backlog of demand for the chips, and a slow process to get them made, this is really slowing down the supply chain.

If you’d like to learn more about the chip shortage, you can find some interesting information here.

When should I order my next lease car?

If you’re planning on ordering a new lease car, you should do so much earlier than normal. This is especially true if you know that you’re due a new lease car next year, as some models will take over twelve months to be delivered. It’s important to remember that this shortage is having a huge impact, and lead times are going to be extra-long as a result.

You may find that the specifications of your lease car can change even after you have placed your order. This is entirely down to the semiconductor shortage, and we will do our best to keep you up to date as we get information. You’ll also find that stock is very minimal, and we cannot guarantee that we will have any lease cars to deliver right away.

How has factory ordering for lease cars changed?

If you’d like to build your lease car to your exact specification, you can choose to factory order. This means your car will be built just for you, with all the details and touches that you pick out. If you decide to factory order a lease car during the chip shortage, you will have the opportunity to change it for a different car or pick a stock car. This might help you avoid the extra-long lead times.

What if I’ve left it too late to order my lease car?

If you need a new lease car and were not anticipating the long lead times that have occurred due to the shortage, there are a few ways you can keep on cruising.

You might be able to extend your current lease deal, so you can keep the lease car you already have until your new one arrives. This is a great option if you are set on your new lease car and don’t want to make any compromises. You can stick in a car your familiar with until your new one arrives.

Alternatively, you can chat with our team about arranging a short-term lease option. We might be able to arrange a deal on a short-term basis that will mean you’ll still have a car until your new one arrives.

What next for lease car ordering?

We will be posting regular updates on the semiconductor shortage and what this means for leasing. As specifications change, lead times update, and things improve (hopefully!) you can find all the information here.

If you have any questions about the extended lease times or want to go ahead with ordering a new car, have a chat with the motorlet team.


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