The Order Process

Our order process really makes ordering your new lease vehicle easy.
Our Order Process

Ordering your lease vehicle is easy with motorlet…

  • Step 1: Pick your vehicle and quote
  • Step 2: Apply for credit
  • Step 3: Order your vehicle
  • Step 4: Sign your finance agreement
  • Step 5: Be kept informed during the arrival
  • Step 6: Arrival of your vehicle
  • Step 7: Delivery of your vehicle
  • Step 8: Enjoy!

1. Pick your vehicle and term

As we deal with all brands, you've got no trouble when it comes to finding the right vehicle for you or your business. You can order your vehicles to build, so you can pick the colour and specification you want, or from stock for a quick delivery. 

The price you pay will be based on a range of factors - the length of the contract, your mileage allowance and your payment profile. These are completely customisable to ensure you get exactly what you need!

Pick your vehicle and term

2. Apply for credit

Once you've picked your vehicle, you apply for credit. This is a quick and easy process and just requires a short form to be filled out online. We normally have an answer back within 24 hours, but we can get them back in minutes! You can find the form here. 

Apply for credit

3. Order your vehicle

Once the credit is accepted, we will go over your order to make sure you're completely happy. As soon as you give us the thumbs up, we will order your car.

Order your vehicle

4. Finance agreement

Whilst your car is being prepped (or built!), we will email you the finance agreement. You will then need to print, sign and send back.

Finance agreement

5. Keeping you informed

Now the agreement is completed, we will continuously update you on the stage of your new vehicle.

Keeping you informed

6. Arrival of your vehicle

As soon as your vehicle arrives, we will get in contact to arrange your delivery. This can be anywhere in the UK - home address, place of work or even your local dealership.

Arrival of your vehicle

7. Delivery of your vehicle

On delivery, you'll go over the car with the driver, and sign a delivery note to say you're happy. This will include the mileage the car arrives with, so it doesn't come out of your allowance.

Delivery of your vehicle

8. Enjoy your new vehicle!

Enjoy your new vehicle!
If you want to discuss leasing and how it might benefit you, please don't hesitate by getting in contact, or completing a callback form: