AUDI Car Leasing Deals

Audi Car Leasing Deals

Here are our latest Audi lease deals. All Audi leasing deals include UK delivery, road tax, and an official manufacturer's warranty!

Where did Audi start?

In 1910, straight out of Zwickau, Germany, Audi was founded by an Engineer called August Horch.  The name Audi is actually the Latin translation of the founder’s last name, which is nice touch if you ask me. Although founded, it was only acquired by Volkswagen in 1960s and only gained worldwide fame in the 1980s after their UR-Quattro All-Wheel Drive System used in rallying.


Where did the Audi logo come from?

Audi was made up of four companies that merged in the 1900s; Rasmussen’s DKW, Wanderer, Horch & Jørgen Rasmussen (who was a majority shareholder), which led to the four unique rings…or were they unique? In 1995, Audi were taken to court by the Olympic Committee! The outcome? Well, you can see their logo hasn’t changed…


What about Audi now, in 2020?

'Vorsprung Durch Tecknik' means 'Advancement by technology', and that is exactly what they have done and continue to do. Being one of the first brands to launch the Virtual Cockpit, it didn’t take long for others to follow. With features like their digital air-con dials, matrix LED headlights, sweeping indicators, tied in with the stupidly suitable model range, I’d say Audi’s slogan ‘rings’ true.


Audi Leasing Deals

Audi is one of the most well-respected German manufacturers in the world, and offers a huge range of different models, engines and options to suit all tastes and requirements for your next lease car.

You have the A1for the city, the RS-4if you want something to fly round corners, A4and A6if you want something stylish but practical, Q5and Q7to keep the family comfy, TT Roadsterto let your hair down and of course, the R8if you wan to really get the pulse racing.


How does Motorlet work with Audi?

We work with Audi dealerships all over the UK. We negotiate discounts based on how many Audi leases we can arrange, then pass the discount onto you and charge a fee for our services. So where we are selling thousands a year, we get a much better discount compared to someone buying one or two. Get in touch with us today for a free quote and chat about getting a brand new Audi on your drive.

Audi FAQs

The most asked questions about leasing an Audi in 2020.

Typically, the cheapest Audi to lease is the Audi A1, as it's the cheapest model available. That said, it all depends on the lease deals at the time. For example, the Audi A3 lease deals are particularly good this month (October).

Leasing seems to be a lot cheaper than the typical PCP at the moment. Audi release a lot of lease offers and deals, and because there is no APR on the lease payments, they tend to be cheaper monthly. All of the tax is included, too!
Yes. Audi Finance's fair wear and tear policy is actually quite reasonable and you'll be surprised by how much they charge for certain damage. For example, it's only £36 per scuffed alloy & £39 for a chipped windscreen.
This all depends on your credit rating and affordability. If you can show that the Audi lease in question is affordable and you have a good credit score, then you should be fine! If you want to apply, just get in touch here