KIA Car Leasing Deals

KIA Lease Deals

Kia offers a range of high-quality, reliable lease cars at economical prices, available with free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and free UK delivery. They’re a brilliant choice for an affordable contract hire car that makes no sacrifices in terms of style, comfort, and drive.

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At motorlet we have a huge range of Kia lease cars to choose from, so you’ll definitely be able to grab a model that suits you. Whatever your needs, Kia covers everything form larger SUVs to petite hatchbacks.

If you’re after something really special, you’re sure to love the flagship Kia Stinger, or you can go for the ever-reliable Kia Picanto if you need something small and cute. The Kia EV6 is a great choice for electric leasing, providing a fossil-fuel free option for a stunning lease car.

Kia have long held a space in the car market that sees them expected to provide hard-wearing, high-quality, and classically designed vehicles. They’re the one to go with if you love a car that favours timeless looks over modern day fads, so you can be sure you’re getting a car that will last. Leasing is a brilliant way to get behind the wheel of a fabulous Kia, removing all the stress that comes with owning a car. You’ll even have the option to add a maintenance pack to your lease deal that will cover the costs of servicing and upkeep, and you’ll hand your car back to us at the end of your contract to skip the stress of selling a used car.

We’ll consider your annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments, to build a Kia lease contract that will really suit your needs. For an accurate quote on an interest free Kia lease deal, have a chat with the motorlet team.

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The cheapest Kia lease deals.

One of the cheapest ways to get on the road in a brand-new Kia is with an affordable lease deal. Kia lease cars are promised to provide gorgeous styling, smooth driving, and extra functional touches, all at a range of accessible price points. These are cars that would work great as family vehicles or everyday cars because of their undeniable practicality, but the styling and drive quality means you’ll actually look forward to driving away in one of these lease cars each day.

Kia lease car options.

Maybe you’re looking for something really special - a lease car that feels as impressive to drive as it looks, whilst maintaining some classic elegance that will keep this car in relevance for years to come. For this, you should pick the Kia Stinger. This is Kia’s flagship vehicle, offering an impressively quick off the line statistic, gorgeous styling, and a range of innovative tech. It even comes in at a price point that can’t be sniffed out – usually priced at around £407 per month, you’ll adore cruising away in this stunning lease choice for everyday that you’ve got it.

We don’t always need a huge amount of space in a lease car and, sometimes, we really want a more compact vehicle that’s better suited for the city dweller. For this instance, we love the classic Kia Picanto. This is a long-time favourite amongst Kia’s fleet and for very good reason - the compact styling is quirky and cute whilst still being comfortable, and it’s super easy to drive. The Kia Picanto lease car comes in at an undeniably good price that usually ranges around £146 per month, making it a fabulous choice for your next lease car.

Electric power is fast becoming the new normal and it’s undeniably hard not to want to jump on the bandwagon. But even still, it’s hard to know which electric car models are the best choice. The Kia EV6 is a brilliant electric lease car that is sure to turn heads on the roads – it’s beautifully designed and offers a silky-smooth drive under completely electric power. With exciting tech, modern aesthetics, and a beautiful interior, it’s easy to see why the EV6 is growing in popularity among electric car driver’s – we think you should get in on the action too.

Choosing to lease your brand-new Kia.

By choosing to lease a Kia with motorlet, you’ll skip out on all of the hassle that comes with owning a car. You’ll get free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included for the entire lease period, plus the option to add a maintenance package that will cover the costs of servicing and upkeep. You’ll also skip out on the initial cost of buying a brand-new car, plus you won’t be hit with the hassle of selling a used car for a depreciated price when you’re done, as you’ll simply hand it back to us. For an accurate quote on a Kia lease deal, have a chat with the motorlet team.

Get to know our range of Kia lease cars.

Learn more about our brilliant range of Kia lease cars in our frequently asked questions, or check out the motorlet guides for some help with the leasing process. If you need a hand, our team are always happy to chat. 
The monthly cost of a Kia lease deal will depend on the terms of your contract and the model you pick. We’ll consider your annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments to build the best lease deal for your needs. This will ensure you can get the most out of your lease contract and it will really suit your lifestyle, so it’s best to contact the motorlet team for an accurate quote. As a rough guide, you can expect Kia lease deals to start around £146 per month and go up to around £407 per month, but these prices are not set in stone and will depend on your lease terms.
Currently, the cheapest Kia lease car is the Kia Picanto. This is a brilliant little lease car that’s compact enough for urban environments, but still comfortable for the everyday commute. Prices start at around £146 per month, but these are subject to change and will depend on the terms of your personal lease contract. Plus, we often have special offers on our lease cars that could mean other models become cheaper. Keep your eye out to catch the best deal or have a chat with our team.
It’s best to lease your brand-new Kia if you’ve found owning a car stressful previously, or just want to dodge some of those responsibilities. We’ll handle your road tax, manufacturer warranty, and any maintenance packages you might want to add, so you’ll be covered for servicing and upkeep. We’ll also deliver your Kia to a UK mainland address of your choice for free and you’ll simply return the car to us once you’re done, without the struggle of selling a used vehicle at a depreciated price. The only thing you’ll need to handle yourself is the insurance!
Kia is a brilliant car manufacturer that produces some fabulous lease cars. You can be sure that Kia lease cars are hard-wearing, high-quality, and enjoyable to drive, whilst still coming in at an affordable price point. The styling is beautifully done inside and out, and you’ll get plenty of tech thrown in on top to sweeten an already sugary deal. With options ranging from large SUVS, smaller hatchbacks, and fully electric vehicles, there’s a Kia lease car that will suit every lifestyle.