HYUNDAI Car Leasing Deals

Hyundai Lease Deals

Hyundai have worked hard to secure a reputation as one of the most reliable car manufacturers around – their models are well made, high quality, and really enjoyable to drive. All of our Hyundai lease cars come with free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included, and they make an ideal choice for an efficient business lease, or a stylish personal car.

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The Hyundai range covers all bases – ensuring that whether you need a sizeable SUV or a petite hatchback, they can help you out. All of their models are impressive in their own way, expertly managing the job they set out to complete and looking gorgeous whilst they’re at it. Whatever you need a new Hyundai lease car for, they’ll be one in our collection that’ll suit you.

The brilliant little Hyundai I10 is the perfect choice for any motorist who likes a quirky hatchback with lots of personality. Available in some fun colourways and looking very much on-trend out on the roads, it’s an option for the urban explorer who doesn’t need too much space. It’s still comfortably roomy and can seat five with 252 litres of boot space, but it won’t ever feel oversized. For a larger option, try the Hyundai Nexo – it’s a massively luxurious choice for a stylish SUV. It runs on hydrogen fuel cell technology, so it’s a real environmentally friendly choice, plus it’s beautifully styled, comfortable, and a really enjoyable drive.

If you need an impressive family car on a budget, the cheap Hyundai Kona is a brilliant option. It’s a thoroughly modern choice for a fully electric car that will easily manage the daily commute, and has plenty of room to pack up and get on the road. Despite its affordable price point, it’s seriously impressive and is incredible quality in comparison to similar models from the luxury manufacturers.

Hyundai leasing is the easiest way to get on the road in 2022, taking all the stress out of owning a vehicle. All you need to do is give us the details of your dream lease car, and we’ll track down the cheapest Hyundai deals that match your requirements. Once we’ve found the one and placed your order, we’ll keep you up to date as your new Hyundai is manufactured to your exact specification. When it’s ready, your new car will be delivered for free, and you can finally get out on the road.

We’ll build your perfect Hyundai lease deal by considering your annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments. You’ll also have the option to add on some extras, like a maintenance package that covers the costs of servicing and upkeep.  

You can find out more about the leasing process in our guides, or have a chat with our team to get your own cheap Hyundai deal.


How to get a cheap Hyundai lease deal for 2022.

It’s a super easy process to get behind the wheel of your own Hyundai lease car – all you need to do is get in touch with our team and have a chat with us about what you want from your dream vehicle. We’ll source the cheapest Hyundai deals that suit your requirements from our network of dealerships across the UK, meaning you won’t be restricted to just the offers at your local dealers. Once you’ve picked the perfect Hyundai lease deal, we’ll get moving with placing your order so your car can be manufactured to your exact specification. We do sometimes have cars in stock that are ready to go and will mean you won’t have to wait as long, so it’s worth checking with us if you need something in a rush. Our stock cars do come as they are, so if you want something with a particular specification and you can’t budge on the details, factory ordering is the way to go.

Once your new Hyundai has been built up and is ready to be delivered, we’ll be in touch to arrange drop-off at a time and place that suits you. Our Hyundai deals include free UK mainland delivery, as well as an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax for the whole lease period, so you’ll have even less to think about whilst you enjoy your brand-new car.

Our range of Hyundai lease car options.

There’s a massive range of cheap Hyundai lease cars to choose from, and each one does a superb job at what it set out to do. Whether you’re after something compact and nippy, or spacious and practical, they’ll be an impressive Hyundai that will suit your needs.

If you’re on the market for a sleek hatchback that embodies on-trend, modern styling, the Hyundai I20 is the one to choose. This brilliantly sporty choice can seat five and pack 352 litres in the boot, but it also has a pull of power that you can really feel as you drive. We think this is a perfect balance between something functional, and something that’s still a lot of fun, making it a great lease option for 2022.

Maybe you need a bit more space than the standard hatchback allows for, but still want something gloriously stylish? Try the Hyundai Tucson on for size. This is a sizeable SUV that offers a design that feels almost military inspired, with chunky curves and sharp and angular edges. It’s available in a whole range of options, including some electric hybrid offerings, and a plug-in hybrid for good measure.

All of the Hyundai models are impressive in their own way, and compare brilliantly with other models on the same market that come in at a much more expensive price point. Don’t think you’re making a sacrifice by saving money – the Hyundai range is seriously impressive.

Why should I lease a new Hyundai?

Hyundai are a super reliable vehicle manufacturer that really know what they’re doing when it comes to engines – everything they make is expertly done, tried and tested, and really made to last. They have a model for every need; whether you want something big and spacious, or small and perfect for the city commute, you can get a stunning Hyundai on a cheap deal. When you consider just how much you’re getting for the price, it makes so much sense to lease your next vehicle, so you can get a brand-new car without any of the stress. You can even go for a fully electric or hybrid powered model, or try out some innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology, making Hyundai a top-choice for the on-trend motorist who is ready for the future of cars.

Leasing a Hyundai with motorlet.

If you choose to lease a Hyundai with motorlet, you’ll get free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included, plus the option to add on a maintenance package that will cover the costs of servicing and upkeep. If you opt for a fully electric Hyundai model, you’ll be exempt from road tax and congestion charges under current guidelines, plus you won’t even need to MOT your lease car for the first three years. All of these extras really do make leasing a stress-free process, making it a top choice for motorists who just don’t want the hassle of buying and owning a car.

We’ll tailor a Hyundai lease deal to your needs by considering your predicted annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments. This will ensure you get the perfect deal for your needs, so your new Hyundai will slip right into your lifestyle. For an accurate quote, have a chat with the motorlet team.


Got your eye on a Hyundai lease car?

Our range of cheap Hyundai deals is a big one – we’ve got everything from plug-in hybrid models to hydrogen fuel cell technology, and everything in between. Whether you’re after a spacious SUV with a sporty edge, of an impressive hatchback that’ll surely turn heads on the road, Hyundai can offer just that at an affordable price point. Find out more about the incredible Hyundai range in our frequently asked questions, or check out our guides for some more information on the leasing process.
The price of leasing a Hyundai in 2022 will massively depend on the specific model you choose and the factors we consider to create your accurate lease deal. We’ll look at areas like your predicted annual mileage, length of contract, and your initial payments, to ensure your lease deal will suit your lifestyle, and we’ll factor this information with the Hyundai model you pick, so it’s best to chat with our team to get the most accurate quote. As a rough guide, our Hyundai lease deals are usually priced between £167 - £1064 per month, but this will vary depending on the deals running at the time.
The cheapest Hyundai to lease in 2022 is the gorgeous little Hyundai I10 – a quirky hatchback that’s comfortable to drive and definitely easy on the eye. Despite its affordable price point, the Hyundai I10 is a brilliant choice for a lease car and promises to be reliable and efficient whilst out on the roads. Currently, Hyundai I10 lease prices start at around £167 per month, but this will change depending on the terms of your lease contract and the specific model you pick.
We know it might sound bias coming from us, but we think leasing really is the best option for getting yourself a cheap Hyundai. You’ll get extras like free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included in your lease deal, plus the option to add on a maintenance pack that will cover the costs of servicing and upkeep. When your lease deal comes to an end, you’ll simply hand your car back to us without the hassle of selling a used car at a depreciated price, so it’s the perfect option for anyone who likes to swap cars regularly or hates seeing their vehicle drop in value when it’s time to switch. As well, our lease deals are completely interest free, so you’ll never be stuck paying the high APR that’s usually applied to finance arrangements.
You can definitely lease a Hyundai in 2022, and it’s the cheapest and most hassle-free way to get on the road. All you need to do is have a chat with our team about what you need from your lease car, and we’ll source the cheapest Hyundai deals. If you’d like to learn more about our leasing process, you can take a look at our guides or have a chat with the team.
A Hyundai is a brilliant choice for a 2022 lease car – this is a range of vehicles that really covers all bases. Hyundai knows that everyone has different needs from their cars, so they offer models that will suit every requirement. Each one is well-made, high-quality, and on-trend, but also happen to be super comfortable to drive and incredibly well priced. If you compare Hyundai models to similar cars at higher price points, you’ll struggle to find a difference. Plus, all our Hyundai lease deals include free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included for the entire lease period.