Electric Lease Cars

Make the switch to an electric car and reap the benefits whilst reducing your carbon footprint. Our cheap electric lease deals include free UK mainland delivery and an official manufacturer’s warranty for the whole lease period.

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Electric car leasing is becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. Leasing an electric car, for business or personal use, comes with a variety of benefits. Whether you want an ultra-modern, almost futuristic EV, or something more classic and familiar, we have a huge range of electric lease deals to suit every motorist.

All our electric car lease deals come with free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s guarantee, and completely free road tax. We’ll tailor the best electric lease contract for you by considering your annual mileage, length of lease contract, and any initial deposit, to create a lease deal that fits your exact needs.

Here at motorlet, we have some superb electric vehicles ready for leasing. Got questions about the electric leasing process, or want to know if an electric lease vehicle could be right for you? Let us help you make the switch.

Take a look at our complete guide to electric leasing if you’d like to learn more about the process. 


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The benefits of an electric lease car.

At the risk of saying the same thing that every other car related business has been banging on about for the last few years – electric vehicles really are the future. They’re cheaper to run, better for the environment, and make for a seriously fun drive.

With electric car leasing, you’ll see reduced running costs thanks to road tax and congestion charge exemptions, and you’ll never have to pay for fuel again. You’ll also be eligible for government grants, including one to assist with the installing of an at-home charging point, so you can save money when it comes to making the switch.

An electric lease car will see you enjoy a much quieter, relaxing drive experience. Since all electric cars come with instant torque, you’ll get a quick response from your EV, making for the best acceleration from a stop. Pair this with quick charging times, impressive mile ranges, and an all-round reduced impact on our environment, and an electric lease car will be impossible to turn down.

With an electric car lease, you’ll be able to enter into a sort of long-term rental agreement, driving your electric car for a contracted period before handing it back. During this time, you’ll pay a fixed, monthly lease fee that will cover the costs of using the vehicle. Once you’ve finishing paying for your lease contract, you’ll send your electric car back and look forward to picking out a new one! It’s that simple.

Electric car lease benefits

The benefits of electric car leasing for your business. 

An electric lease car could be one of the best things that you could do for your business. Not only will it help your business to become more economically and environmentally friendly, but you’ll also receive some huge benefits for switching to electric.

When getting a company car for your business, you’ll usually have to pay Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax. This is an extra fee that employees must pay if they receive additional perks alongside their salary. If you choose to opt for an electric business lease vehicle, you’ll only have to pay 1% BiK for the year 2021/22, rising to 2% in 2022/23. That’s a massive saving that you could make by choosing electric.

You’ll also benefit from an enhanced capital allowance on your electric business lease car. This means that you can deduct the whole cost of an electric vehicle from your businesses’ pre-tax profits, often producing massive levels of tax relief.

You might decide to opt into a Salary Sacrifice scheme for your electric lease car, this means you can deduct the price of your electric business lease from your pre-tax salary – in turn reducing the total amount you would receive. By reducing your salary and receiving that chunk in the form of an electric vehicle, you can reduce your tax and National Insurance payments. You can learn more about salary sacrifice here.

Charging your electric car. 

The length of charge time can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some large electric cars can take up to 24 hours to reach their peak, and different methods of charging will provide different charge times. Rapid chargers can give a quick boost in around twenty minutes, and fast charging points can manage a full charge of a smaller car in around six hours. It’s best to look at specific models to compare. You can find our full range of electric vehicles here.

On average, you can expect the average electric lease car to cover a range of 250 miles on one charge. This really does vary between models so it’s best to check our range of EVs and decide which option is best for you.

Electric car lease for business

When you’re not driving your electric lease car, you can plug in to a charging station. It’s recommended that you have a charging station installed at home, usually in the garage or on the side of your house, as these kinds of chargers are much quicker. These chargers plug into the car and will be the sole provider of power for your drives. Once your car reaches full charge, you can unplug, and drive away.

You’ll also find charging stations in public areas such as supermarkets and shopping centres, as well as service stations, and maybe even your place of work. You don’t usually have to pay to use public charging points, but you will need to pay for the electricity to cover your at home charging, and the initial fee to have a charging point fitted.

The longest range electric cars.

The range of an electric lease car can really vary, but they really do get much further than most people think. With electric charging points available for free at many public locations, including supermarkets and service stations, it’s easy to keep on top of charging your electric car.

For example, the Tesla Model 3 Saloon is up there as one of the longest range electric cars, with a range of 352 miles. The all-electric Volkswagen UP is a great example of a smaller lease vehicle, with a range of 160 miles between charging. The mile range simply does depend on the electric vehicle you opt for.

Longest range electric cars

Hybrid car leasing.

A hybrid lease car is powered by an electric motor, as well as an internal combustion engine. The electric motor in a hybrid vehicle is powered by a battery that is charged through regenerative braking. Hybrid cars use both fuel and electricity to function and, as a result, reduces the amount of Co2 emissions that your lease vehicle produces.

How to order an electric lease car. 

The delivery time of your new electric car will vary on the model you choose. It’s best to get in touch with our team with some models in mind to find out how long you can expect to be waiting. Delivery of our lease cars is always free to UK mainland addresses, and we’re happy to drop off anywhere that works for you.

Our electric car lease deals are available at many different price points. All of these deals include free UK delivery and an official manufacturer’s warranty. To create the best lease deal for you, we’ll consider your annual mileage, length of contract and initial payment. This way we can find the best deals for you, no matter the circumstances.

We always have discounts on our electric lease cars, so keep an eye on our special offers page to grab your perfect electric car for the best price.

Personal EV leasing

Build your new electric car to order.

If you’ve got a bit more time and want to factory order your new electric car, you can be a bit more picky! You can choose the colour, the interior, the alloys, you can add extras and so on. This really gives you the chance to lease the exact lease car you want, making no compromises. So if you want a pink electric car, then knock yourself out!

How factory ordering your electric car works.

Depending on when you need your new car, this might make a difference to your decision. If you need your car soon, say in the next couple of weeks, you’ll have to go for a stock car. This means that you will have to choose from what is available. If you ask us, we can send you over various stock options to consider. It does mean that you might have to be flexible on colour and sometimes they can have a few extras!

Want to know more about leasing an electric car?

Get the details on leasing the electric car here, or check out our guides for some more information. If you need a hand, the motorlet team are always happy to chat. 
Leasing your electric car takes all the stress out of owning a vehicle – you’ll simply enjoy your brand-new lease car until the end of your contract, paying monthly payments up until it’s time to hand it back. This means you won’t have the hassle of selling a used car at a depreciated price, usually making a loss on what you paid. You’ll also get free UK mainland delivery, as well as an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included for the entire lease period.

When you lease your brand-new electric car with motorlet, you’ll get free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and free road tax included for the entire lease period. Under current guidelines, electric cars are exempt from road tax and congestion charges, plus you may be eligible for a government grant for money towards an electric vehicle. Running costs will also be lower, and you’ll be making a great choice for the future of the planet.


You’ll have the opportunity to add a maintenance pack to your lease deal to cover the costs of servicing and upkeep, so you won’t have to pay large sums out in one go. You also won’t have to worry about selling your used car before you can get a new one, as you’ll just hand your lease model back to us and pick out a new lease deal. Electric car leasing means you’ll get a brand-new lease car ordered to your specifications, so you won’t ever have to just make do.

The cost of your electric lease car will depend on the model you choose and the terms of your lease contract. We’ll consider your annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments to ensure you get the best lease deal for your needs. You can also choose to add on a maintenance pack to your lease deal, covering the costs of servicing and upkeep.
On a monthly basis, it usually works out much cheaper to lease an electric car when compared to purchasing. This is especially true if you were considering a finance arrangement, as these usually come with high APR rates where our lease deals are completely interest free.