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If you’re after an on-trend SUV with a high-tech interior, a new Kia Sportage could be the perfect lease car for you. The Kia Sportage range offers a gorgeous lease car that comes in a variety of trim levels, including an electric hybrid model. A cheap Kia Sportage deal will even include free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax for the entire contract period.

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The Kia Sportage has been around for a while, but it’s the recent Sportage model that has really accumulated something of a cult following. This SUV is stunning in design and feels massively upmarket, still coming in at a cheap price for 2022. The latest upgrade has massively increased the appeal of this car – it suddenly feels fresher, sleeker, and ultimately, it’s become something you will dream about driving.

Our range-topping Kia Sportage offers us a 1.6 litre four-cylinder engine, and it feels gloriously nippy on the roads. The drive itself is smooth and comfortable, but there’s an unmistakable flavour of power that seeps through. You’ll get an 8.6 second answer to the 0-62mph question in some of our Kia Sportage models, with some variation on that statistic throughout the range. It certainly helps that this is a really beautiful SUV in terms of interior and exterior styling, making it a perfect box ticker for your next family car.

We’ll build the best Kia Sportage lease deal for your needs by considering your annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments. You’ll also have the option to add on a maintenance pack to cover the costs of servicing and some types of upkeep. If you’d like an accurate quote on a Kia Sportage lease deal, have a chat with the motorlet team.

Take a look at our full range of cheap Kia Sportage Estate lease deals.

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Like the look of our new Kia Sportage?

Find out more about the brilliant new Kia Sportage here in our frequently asked questions, or check out our guides for some more information on the leasing process. If you need help, the motorlet team are always happy to chat. 
The Kia Sportage is a gorgeous lease car that would make a pretty spectacular family vehicle, so it’s a brilliant choice for leasing. We love that this modern SUV combines functional size and practicality with sleek design, and also offers a smooth and comfortable drive with an underlying touch of power. It’s the kind of vehicle you want if you need something a bit bigger, and it’s packed full of exciting tech and upgrades that the previous Kia Sportage generations didn’t quite match up to. You’ll even get free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s guarantee, and road tax included for the entire lease period.
The price of a Kia Sportage lease deal will depend on the terms of your contract, the model you choose, and any special offers running at the time, so it’s best to contact the motorlet team for an accurate quote. We’ll consider your annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments, to ensure you get the best lease deal for your needs. As a rough guide, our Kia Sportage Estate are usually priced around £198 - £441 per month, depending on the model you pick.
Leasing a car is a really great way to dodge the hassle of purchasing one, so you can focus on enjoying your brand-new vehicle. We’ll deliver your new Kia Sportage for free to a UK mainland address of your choice, plus you’ll get an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included for the whole lease period. We’ll also give you the option of adding a maintenance pack to your lease deal that will cover the costs of servicing and upkeep, so you’ll be covered from the get-go. At the end of your lease contract, you’ll just hand your old lease car back to us and expect delivery of your new one. This way, you won’t ever have the stress of selling a used car at a depreciated price.
On a per month basis, it usually works out cheaper to lease a Kia Sportage than it is to buy. That’s especially true when you consider that our lease deals are interest free, compared to the high APR that is often applied to finance agreements. Plus, you’ll get free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included for the entire lease period.

What your lease deal includes

Free delivery
Free delivery

All of our new cars and vans are delivered anywhere in mainland UK free of charge.

Road tax included
Road tax included

All of our lease deals include road tax for the whole duration, just so you have one less thing to worry about.

Price match promise
Price match promise

Found a cheaper price elsewhere? Put us to the test and see if you can benefit.

Full warranty
Full warranty

All of our vehicles come with full manufacturer’s warranty, so you’re fully covered!

Supplied by main dealer
Supplied by main dealer

Our new cars and vans are supplied directly through the manufacturer’s franchised dealer network.


Why should I lease a new Kia Sportage in 2022?

You’re after a family car – you want something that’s spacious and functional, that doesn’t make any sacrifices in terms of style. A few of these cars exist, but up there among the best is the Kia Sportage Estate. This is a car that will accompany you on the school run and the daily commute, but you’ll still actually like it and look forward to driving again when a stressful journey is all over and done. It’s beautifully designed and comes with a whole lot of kit and tech built in, but it doesn’t feel too much for everyday use. Plus, you can get cheap Kia Sportage lease deals that mean you’ll get an on-trend SUV for a very reasonable price. This is, what we like to call, a ‘Goldilocks’ car. It strikes a balance of just the right amount of everything you’d ever want in a family SUV and makes for an ideal lease choice.

The new Kia Sportage – on-trend styling for 2022.

The Kia Sportage manages to give us a decidedly upmarket and luxuriously designed SUV at a cheap price that won’t be painful for your pocket. The build quality feels great, and the overall design is faultless, inside, and out. The front of the Kia Sportage Estate brings us a menacing honeycomb grille – it’s massive and chunky and gives an intimidating look in a way that still feels elegant. The exterior lights are a beautiful touch, as geometric shapes carve their way into the front and rear, looking gorgeously modern. The shape of the Kia Sportage is synonymous with that of your typical estate car, and it’s a great feature to have a roofline that doesn’t cut off any headroom. Not only that, that roofline leads back into a chiselled rear that will give the traffic behind you something nice to look at. Undeniably – it is a beautiful car, and it’s a fashionable pick for 2022.

Cheapest lease deals for 2022 – the Kia Sportage is a top choice for a superb drive.

There are a few offerings in the new Kia Sportage lease range and every single one of them has its selling points. The incredible price point might have you expecting something with a little bit less finesse when you compare the Kia Sportage to other models in that same market, but it gets on the road and provides a buttery smooth cruise that will make even the longest of journeys enjoyable.

Our range-topping Kia Sportage comes in with a 1.6 litre four-cylinder engine, capable of hitting 0-62mph in 11.4 seconds, whilst other models in the range can manage a slightly slicker 8.6 seconds. The drive quality is impressive too – the suspension is comfortable and just soft enough, whilst the handling is precise and holds tight on corners. You’ll really enjoy the nimble automatic gears; they know what they’re doing and never leave you feeling sluggish or frustrated. If that’s not enough, you get a collection of driver aids piled on top that cover everything from a 360 degree around view monitor, rear parking sensors and reversing camera, and a front parking sensor for good measure.

Lease a new Kia Sportage for a high-tech interior.

Take a seat inside the new Kia Sportage Estate and you might be confused as to what car you’ve climbed into. There’s something unexpectedly high-end about this family SUV, but it doesn’t feel out of place. Your cheap Kia Sportage gets a high-quality interior that includes everything from leather upholstery and trims, a heated steering wheel, and satin chrome touches. Our top-range model gets heated seats at the front and outer rear, and all five seats throughout are plush and nothing but comfortable. We love that you even get a very respectable 439 litre boot on top of that, yet this is an SUV that doesn’t feel overly large. You’ll also get an eight-inch touchscreen set up with satnav built in, plus Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with voice control. Kia have done something seriously impressive with the Sportage Estate interior in comparison to other SUVs on the market, and we are massive fans.

How to lease a cheap Kia Sportage in 2022.

Leasing the new Sportage Estate is a great way to get a cheap Kia that’s still seriously impressive, and doesn’t require as much hassle. You’ll order your Kia Sportage through our team of Leasing Consultants – they’ll take the details of your dream lease car and find you the cheapest and best deals. In comparison to purchasing the same car, you’ll make savings in the long run on upkeep and depreciation. Instead of selling your Kia Sportage at a reduced price when you’re finished leasing, you’ll simply return it to us and look forward to the delivery of your next lease car. You’ll also have the option to add a maintenance pack to your lease deal that will cover the costs of servicing and some sorts of upkeep.

Our team will consider your annual mileage, length of contract, and initial payment to build a lease deal that really suits your needs and lifestyle. They’ll keep you in the know whilst your new Kia Sportage is being manufactured to your exact specification, or can provide a quicker delivery if we have stock cars that can be sent out right away. Delivery of your Kia Sportage will be absolutely free with our lease deals, and you’ll also get an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included.

For an accurate quote on a cheap Kia Sportage, have a chat with the motorlet team.



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