Car Leasing

Car leasing (also known as contract hire!) is like a long term rental. Just choose your lease car, annual mileage and lease term, and away you go.

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All car leases include the road tax for the whole duration and as all lease cars are brand new, they come with a full manufacturer’s warranty & breakdown cover. You can opt to include maintenance, which covers all of your tyres and servicing costs.

Factory order or stock lease?

Depending on when you need your lease car, you’ve got a couple of options; factory order or stock. If you need your lease car soon, within a couple of weeks, you’ll have to go for a stock car. This means that you will have to choose from what is available. If you ask us, we can send you over various stock options to consider. It does mean that you might have to be flexible on colour and sometimes they can have a few extras!

All in all, leasing is a great way to drive a brand new car and keep your monthly costs fixed, which in 2020, is probably a good thing to do. Car leasing in the UK typically works out cheaper per month than financing one does, plus you don’t have to worry about the re-sell or trade-in value at the end, as you just hand it back. If you have any questions about car leasing, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our lovely leasing consultants.

Cheap Car Lease Deals Online

Build your car lease…

If you’ve got a bit more time and want to factory order your new lease car, you can be a bit more picky! By factoring ordering your lease car, you can choose the colour, the interior, the alloys, you can add extras, and so on. This really gives you the chance to lease the exact car you want in 2020, making no compromises. So if you want a yellow lease car, then knock yourself out!

Car leasing is like a long term rental (usually between 2-4 years). You pay an upfront payment of your choice (the more you pay upfront, the less you pay per month), followed by a series of monthly payments for the duration. At the end of the lease, you hand the car back.
All cars are brand new so you will always have a warranty for at least 3 years. All car leases include road tax for the duration and the rentals are fixed for the whole lease. If you include maintenance, all of your servicing and tyres are included. You don’t have to worry about the re-sell or trade-in value of the vehicle, either.
No. Car leases do not typically come with insurance and most lease companies require you to have a fully comprehensive insurance policy for the duration of the car lease.
A car lease is fixed for the duration, so it’s a great way to fix your costs, especially when cars can be so unpredictable. As the monthly rentals cover mostly depreciation for the time you have the vehicle, most leases are cheaper than if you were to buy or finance the same car.
Car leases start from as low as £99 per month. The most expensive the car, the more expensive the lease deal is. Your initial rental also has an impact, as the more you put down upfront, the less you pay per month.
Car leasing works the same way as a car rental. You choose the car you want to lease, pick an annual mileage and the amount of years you want it. You pay an upfront cost and then monthly for the duration of the lease. At the end, you simply hand the car back.
If a car depreciates, it’s almost always worth considering (only if the lease deal makes sense) leasing it. By leasing a depreciated asset, you don’t have to worry about the value at the end. If the car does lose more than anticipated, you remain unaffected as your monthly rentals are fixed.
Car leases vary over thousands of different makes and models. Deals change weekly, so whilst a Fiat 500 might be the cheapest one week, by the next it could be the most expensive (well, not the most expensive, but you get the picture). Best thing to do is to search for car lease deals within your budget.
The best deals are usually ones on cars that dealerships are trying to get rid of. If you are flexible on the car you want to lease, you can fish out some really good deals, so we recommend you speak to a leasing broker who can keep you up to date with all new offers.
If the car is likely to hold it’s value and/or you’re happy to keep a car for a longer period of time, then buying or finance it might be a better option. However if the cars value is likely to fall or you want to change your car every few years, you might be better off leasing it!