SMART Car Leasing Deals

Smart Lease Deals

There isn’t another manufacturer that does stylish, compact vehicles like Smart – they offer quirky models in practical sizes that are the perfect choice for the urban explorer in 2022. They’re cost-effective to run thanks to electric power and massively dependable, with the added bonus that you can squeeze into just about any parking space available. You’ll even get free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax for the whole lease period.

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Our range of new Smart cars offer the perfect options for a small, reliable car that will be perfect for the daily commute. You’ll be able to easily navigate congested areas and tight carparks, whilst still enjoying a comfortable and innovatively designed car.

All of the models in the Smart range are as impressive as each other, but we particularly enjoy the Smart ForFour. This is a completely electric, four-seater model that can fit 185 litres in the boot, and even offers some impressive tech and a plush interior. If you like the Smart ForFour but don’t need the rear space, opt for the Smart fortwo Coupe and get the same quirky stylings, with just two seats. Surprisingly, it still feels spacious inside the ForTwo and a driver and passenger would definitely be comfortable for the whole drive. Plus, you still get the impressive electric power that will cut down your running costs and benefit the environment.

Just when we thought the Smart range couldn’t get any more unique – we meet the Smart ForTwo Cabrio. This is a convertible option for the fortwo model we know and love, meaning yourself and a passenger can really enjoy the sun and wind whilst zipping along in a fully electric powered car. It’s still great for the city commute, but offers a flare of fun with the convertible roof that makes it a super tempting lease choice.

The easiest way to get a new Smart model is with our cheap lease deals – you’ll just need to get in touch and tell us the details of your perfect lease model, and will source the cheapest Smart deals from our network of dealers. Once we’ve found the best option for your requirements, we’ll place your order and keep you updated as it’s manufactured to your specification. Once your Smart model is ready, we’ll be in touch to arrange delivery at a time and place that suits you – then you can enjoy nipping around in your brand-new Smart car.

We’ll build the perfect Smart lease deal for your needs by considering areas like your predicted annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments. Our lease deals are always completely interest free, so you’ll even make savings in comparison to APR heavy finance arrangements.

You can find out more about our leasing process in our guides, or have a chat with the motorlet team to get further details on our cheap Smart deals.


How to get a cheap Smart lease deal for 2022.

It’s an easy and hassle-free process to get a cheap Smart lease deal in 2022 – all you need to do is get in touch with the details of your perfect lease deal, and we’ll source the cheapest Smart models from our dealers. We have a network of dealerships across the UK, so you won’t be restricted to what’s available locally, and we also often get discounts due to the large number of orders we place. Once we’ve found the perfect deal for your needs, we’ll place your order and keep you updated as your Smart model is manufacturer to your specification. Once it’s ready, we’ll be in touch to arrange delivery to a UK mainland address of your choice for free. At that point, you can finally get on the road in your little Smart model.

Our range of Smart lease options.

Our range of new Smart lease cars caters perfectly for the busy, urban explorer, who needs something compact to get them around. Smart’s range is cute and quirky whilst still looking thoroughly modern, so you’re sure to find a model that suits you if that’s what you’re in the market for.

There’s a choice of two- or four-seater options in the Smart range, plus a convertible model for an added touch of glamour. The Smart ForTwo Coupe is among our favourites – it’s a sleek, compact model that fits two people and has some space in the rear to pack your essentials. Out on the road, it feels comfortable and easy to drive, with its small stature being a real benefit for navigating busy areas. It helps that it’s also easy on the eye – sure, it’ a unique look that might not be everyone’s favourite, but it’s a thoroughly modern car that’s stylish and on-trend.

If you like the look of the Smart ForTwo Coupe but fancy something a bit different, you could opt for the Smart ForTwo Cabrio and get all the best bits from the original model, with a fun convertible roof. The ForTwo Cabrio is still fully electric, super easy to drive, and would make a great option for anyone with a busy commute. This is especially so when you consider that electric cars are exempt from road tax and congestion charges under current guidelines, so you’ll make further savings here.

Why should I lease a new Smart car?

Leasing a new Smart car is the best way to get yourself on a road in a small, efficient vehicle, that’s a lot of fun and super modern in design. These fully electric models are a great choice for inner city travelling, saving you money on the all-round running costs whilst being kinder on the environment, and ensuring you can nip around tight spaces with absolutely no issues. We love how the design is quirky and cute, appealing to motorists who like something a bit different and want to stand out from the crowd. This is especially true with the brilliant convertible offering – giving you this fun-sized, cartoony car with the options for some wind-in-hair enjoyment.

Leasing a Smart model with motorlet.

If you choose a Smart lease deal with motorlet, you’ll enjoy a stress-free experience as you get behind the wheel of a brand-new car. We’ll build the perfect lease contract for your needs by considering your annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments, and factoring in the specific model you’ve picked. This will ensure your new Smart model really suits your lifestyle.

You’ll also get the option to add on a maintenance pack that’ll cover the costs of servicing and some kinds of upkeep, giving you even less to think about when you consider that you also won’t even need to MOT your Smart for the first three years. It’s also worth noting that our lease deals are completely interest free, so you’ll never get stuck paying the high APR rates that come alongside the typical finance arrangement.


Has a Smart lease model caught your eye?

If you want something compact, comfortable, and fully electric, a Smart model will fit the bill perfectly. These glorious little cars are possibly the best option for an urban traveller who needs something nimble to sneak around the city, but still values a quirky look and modern styling. You can learn more about our incredible Smart lease cars in our frequently asked questions, or check out our guides for some further information on the leasing process.
The cost of leasing a Smart in 2022 will massively depend on the specific model that you choose and the terms of your lease contract. We’ll consider factors like your annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments to build the best Smart deal for your needs, so you’ll get a fully tailored lease deal. It’s always best to contact our team to get the most accurate quote, but our Smart models currently range between £242 - £298 per month. This may vary depending on the latest deals, so keep an eye on the Smart page for up-to-date prices.
Currently, the cheapest Smart to lease in 2022 is the Smart ForTwo Coupe, but this affordable range is all pretty similar in price. Smart models are highly regarded as some of the more affordable on the market that still offer brilliant levels of quality. The ForTwo is no exception to this – its incredible price point doesn’t mean you’ll be getting any less than a superb, electric lease car. Prices for the Smart ForTwo currently start at around £242 per month, but this may change depending on the latest deals and the terms of your lease contract.
When you look at it on a per month basis, and compare our lease deals with buying or getting a finance arrangement on the same car, it usually works out to be much more beneficial to lease. You’ll get extras with your lease deal, like free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included, as well as the option to add on a maintenance pack that will cover the costs of servicing and some types of upkeep. When your lease deal comes to an end, you’ll simply hand your Smart model back to us without the hassle of selling a used car at a depreciated price, meaning you can just look forward to the delivery of your next model. As well, all our lease deals are interest free, so you’ll skip out on the high APR rates that come with your typical finance arrangement. The only extra job you’ll have to handle when you lease a Smart is sorting out the insurance, but we can give you some guidance if you need a hand.
You can definitely lease a Smart in 2022, and it’s a super straightforward process. Just get in touch and tell us the details of your dream lease deal, and we’ll find the cheapest Smart models that suit your needs. We’ll look at your predicted annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments, to ensure you get the perfect lease quote, and then we’ll keep you up to date as your car is manufactured to your exact specification. When it’s ready to go, we’ll deliver your brand-new Smart model to a UK mainland address of your choice for free – it doesn’t get much better than that!
A Smart model is a great choice for a 2022 lease deal – it’s an affordable, easy to drive, high quality trip into electric car territory. These little cars are compact and quirky and even offer a choice for convertible roof styling, and you’ll be grateful for its small stature when you’re manoeuvring through tight carparks or congested roads. You’ll even get free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included for the entire lease period, if you choose a cheap Smart deal with motorlet.