SUBARU Car Leasing Deals

Subaru Lease Deals

A new Subaru makes an incredible choice for a 2022 lease car, thanks to their powerful engines, gorgeous styling, and incredibly high-quality design. Every inch of these seriously impressive lease cars is impeccably well-made and hits the spot for a durable sports car with a silky-smooth driving performance. Plus, you’ll even get free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included for the entire lease period.

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Subaru have long provided some of the most iconic vehicles on our roads, with a particular talent for massively sporty machines that pack a lot of fun into their drive. There’s a huge range of new Subaru models to pick from – each one offering its own unique reasons why it would make a superb option for a 2022 lease option. Whether you’re after a super sporty coupe, an on-trend SUV, or an elegant estate - they’re all masterfully engineered and a real joy to drive.

Many motorists will be familiar with the impeccable Subaru BRZ, it’s a beautiful sports coupe that’s also helpfully practical. You’ll enjoy a powerful and masterfully engineered engine in a new Subaru BRZ, but you’ll also get four seats and a 243 litre boot – so it’s still easy to make this car work for everyday life. The Subaru Forester is an equally as impressive option for a 2022 lease car – it’s a compact SUV that also offers a pop of hybrid-electric power that will do great things for your pocket and the environment, thanks to massively improved fuel economy.

For a larger choice, a new Subaru Outback can offer a rugged approach to the stylish SUV and packs five seats, plus a 561 litre boot. This is a perfect option for the adventurous motorist who values style, space, and some adventure-inspiring charm.

To get a cheap Subaru lease deal, you just need to get in touch with our team and let them know what you’ll need from your perfect lease car. We’ll take care of all the legwork and will track down a cheap Subaru that suits your requirements, placing the order once you’ve given us the go-ahead, and then ensuring we keep you in the loop as your car is manufactured to your specification. Once your car has been built and is ready to be delivered, we’ll be in touch to arrange the drop-off at a time and place that suits you.

Using your predicted annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments, we’ll build the perfect Subaru lease deal for your needs. We’ll also give you the option to add on some helpful extras to your lease deal, like our maintenance package. This will cover the costs of servicing and some kinds of upkeep, so you’ll have even less to deal with whilst you focus on enjoying your brand-new car.

You can have a chat with our team to find out more about our Subaru lease deals, or take a look at our guides for some more information on the leasing process.


How to get a cheap Subaru lease deal for 2022.

It’s a super easy and stress-free process to get a new Subaru for 2022, if you choose to lease with motorlet. We’ll do the legwork and will track down the cheapest Subaru lease deals from dealerships across the UK, and all you need to do is give us the details of your perfect lease car. Once we’ve found a deal that works for you and you’ve given us the go-ahead to order, we’ll keep you updated throughout the entire process as your brand-new Subaru is built to your exact specifications. Manufacturing times do vary, and you can even skip the queue by opting for one of our stock cars, but we’ll keep you informed as to how your order is doing as it’s prepared for delivery. When that time arrives, we’ll be in touch to arrange free UK mainland delivery to an address of your choice, so you can finally get behind the wheel of your flashy new Subaru. It’s an easy and stress-free process that requires minimal effort on your part – the hardest step is usually choosing between models!

Our range of Subaru lease car options.

Subaru’s range of lease cars is an expansive one, offering models for every need that have a few things in common – they’re all incredibly well made, beautifully designed, and offer a sublime driving experience.

The Subaru Outback is a favourite amongst SUV loyalists who fancy something with a rugged edge – this is still every inch the high-riding, modern dream car, but it feels like it could do well off-road without getting upset if it were to break a nail. It’s a sizeable lease choice that offers a spacious cabin and boot, whilst still feeling sleek and never oversized. If you fancy an SUV that offers some electric hybrid power, the new Subaru Forester is an incredible lease choice for 2022 and ticks off every requirement you might want from a car in this market. It’s a well-rounded contender that is as beautiful to drive as it is to look at, and it offers all the function and usable you could ask for.

If you’d prefer something smaller with more of a classic, sporty edge, the Subaru BRZ is a popular choice amongst our customers, and it’s easy to see why. This sports coupe is actually a hugely practical choice, with enough space to fit in a small family and some essentials, before pulling away with an undeniable pop of power. If that doesn’t quite do it for you, the Subaru Impreza might – it’s a seemingly sensible hatchback that sneaks in with a surprising sporty feel that comes through in the form of all-wheel traction, four-wheel driving.

Why should I lease a new Subaru?

Subaru are well-known for being a reliable manufacturer that produce cars which will always impress, offering an admirable safety record on a sporty model with silky-smooth driving performance. There’s a range of new Subaru lease cars to choose from, covering all bases from the sizeable SUV to the sporty coupe, and each one gets even more impressive than the next. If you fancy a car that’s dependable, but never in a boring way, the Subaru is the perfect choice for your 2022 lease car.

Choosing a cheap Subaru lease deal is the perfect way to get on the road in one of these impressive vehicles, with none of the stress that comes with buying and owning a car. You’ll simply get to enjoy your brand-new car until your contract ends, when you’ll hand it back to us without the hassle of selling it on at a depreciated price. That means you’re able to swap cars with ease, and don’t need to worry about your vehicle holding value when it’s time to resell. You can focus all of your energy on enjoying your new Subaru, and picking out your next lease model.

Leasing a Subaru with motorlet for 2022.

If you choose to lease a cheap Subaru with motorlet, your contract will include free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax as standard. You’ll have the option to add on a maintenance package to your deal that will cover the costs of servicing and some kinds of upkeep, giving you less to think about whilst you’re enjoying your flashy new car. You won’t even have to MOT your new Subaru for the first three years, so it really will be a hassle-free experience.

We’ll tailor the perfect Subaru lease deal for your needs by considering your annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments. This will ensure you get the best lease terms for your requirements, and your brand-new car will really suit your lifestyle. For an accurate quote on a cheap Subaru deal, have a chat with our team.


Got your eye on a Subaru lease car for 2022?

Subaru have always been a well-respected manufacturer that produce high-quality, high-performance lease models for a variety of needs. Their collection covers all areas, even diving into electric power for some handy hybrid models. Learn more about the superb Subaru range in our frequently asked questions, or check out our guides for some further information on the leasing process.
The cost of leasing a new Subaru in 2022 will greatly depend on your own, personal circumstances, so it’s best to contact our team for an accurate quote. We’ll consider your annual mileage, length of contract, and any initial payments, and factor this in with the specific model you choose, as this will help us create a deal that will suit your needs. As a rough guide, and depending on the Subaru model you go for, lease prices usually start at around £355 per month for our current cheapest model. These prices will also change depending on the deals available at the time, so always reference our current listings for up-to-date price guides.
The cheapest Subaru lease deal for 2022 is currently the incredible Subaru XV. This is an electric hybrid, hatchback on SUV stilts, providing a sleek crossover of those two coveted body styles. It’s super smooth to drive and fits in a spacious and comfortable interior, so it’s the perfect lease choice for a fashion-forward family. Our cheapest Subaru XV lease deals usually costs around £355 per month, but this will change depending on your lease terms and the deals running at the time. You’ll also get some extras included as standard, like free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included for the whole lease period.
We might be biased – but we really do think it’s the best option to lease a Subaru in 2022. Cars don’t often hold their value, so leasing enables you to enjoy a brand-new car that will simply be handed back at the end of your contract, completely dodging the stress of selling a used car at a depreciated price. You’ll also get free UK mainland delivery included, as well as an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax, plus the option to add on a maintenance pack that will cover the costs of servicing and some types of upkeep. It’s also worth noting that our lease deals are completely interest free, so you’ll never be stuck paying the high APR rates that are typically applied to finance agreements. The only thing you’ll really have to handle yourself is the insurance, but we can always give you some guidance if you need it.
You can definitely lease a Subaru in 2022, and our team are here to help. All you need to do is give us the details of your ideal Subaru lease deal, and we’ll source the cheapest quotes from across the UK. We’ll use factors like your predicted mileage, length of contract, and initial payments, to build a lease deal that will be accurate to your needs, and you’ll also have the option to add on some extras like a maintenance package for servicing and upkeep. If you’d like to learn more about the leasing process, you can take a look at our guides or have a chat with the motorlet team.
Choosing a cheap Subaru lease deal for your 2022 transport is a great choice – you’ll be getting a gorgeous car that’s well made, reliable, and a lot of fun to drive. Subaru are highly regarded as being a top-choice for a high-quality, high-performance manufacturer, so you can be sure your lease car is up there with the best. Their interiors are also impressive, with comfortable and spacious cabins that are functional enough for everyday use, but still offer some touches of luxury to keep it feeling special. With a cheap Subaru lease deal, you’ll even get free UK mainland delivery, an official manufacturer’s warranty, and road tax included for the entire lease period.