Cheap Van Lease Deals

Leasing a van is the best way to get a brand new van on a budget, with zero stress. Your costs are fixed for the whole lease period so at the end, you can upgrade to the latest new van or simply hand it back. Compare our cheap van lease deals today.

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If you decide to lease your brand new van, you’ll be paying an interest free, affordable monthly lease fee that will be fixed for your whole contract. Van leasing is much like long-term van rental – you’ll drive your new van for the contracted period before handing it back, without the stress of selling a used vehicle. At that point, you can get excited about picking a new, upgraded lease vehicle.

Your brand new van won’t need an MOT for the first three years, and we’ll include an official manufacturer’s warranty and breakdown cover to make sure any hiccups can be taken care of. You also have the option of adding maintenance packages so service costs are covered, too.   We’ll even include free UK mainland delivery and road tax for the entire lease period.

You can pick between a factory order van, or an option that’s already in stock. Stock lease van deals are the best option for quicker delivery, but you may need to be more flexible when it comes to colours and added extras. If you can’t budge on the specifics, we can factory order your perfect van lease and have it delivered as soon as it’s ready. If you’d like to know what van leasing deals we currently have in stock, get in touch with the motorlet team.

Leasing is the best way to get a brand new vehicle, with zero stress. The only thing you will need to sort out yourself is the insurance – we’ll handle the rest. Lease deals in the UK usually work out even cheaper than financing, on a per month basis, as you won’t be paying those heavy interest rates.

You can learn more about the leasing process in our guide section, or have a chat with the motorlet team.

Build your van lease on a budget.

If you’ve got a bit more time and want to factory order your new lease van, you can be a bit more picky! By factoring ordering your lease van, you can choose the colour, the interior, the alloys, you can add extras, and so on. This really gives you the chance to lease the exact van you need and want in 2020, making no compromises. So if you want a yellow lease van with pink sign-writing, then knock yourself out!