Taking delivery of your new lease vehicle

Everything you need to know when your new lease vehicle is being delivered
Taking delivery of your new lease vehicle

Your new lease vehicle is ready to be delivered (exciting!) , but what happens next?

Once all of your paperwork has been completed and your vehicle is ready, we can book in delivery. Just give us the address you want it delivered to, along with the name and number of the person signing for it (click here to see more info on having someone sign for your lease car). Once booked, your car will go through a PDI (pre-delivery inspection), followed by a clean, and then it'll be fuelled up and ready to go.


Before your lease vehicle arrives



Your main insurance needs to be set up before your lease car arrives. This needs to be fully comprehensive and live prior to the handover. Don’t get this confused with GAP insurance though, as that is a separate thing altogether!



If you have any questions about the insurance (registered keepers & owners, if the registration doesn’t bring up the car details etc), you can find out more here, or if you want to find out more about GAP insurance, just click here.


Most deliveries are an ‘all day delivery’, meaning your lease car could turn up anytime between 7.00am and 6.00pm. The driver delivering your lease vehicle will be asked to call either when they leave the dealership or, for longer journeys, when they are an hour away from you. This should help you plan your day around the delivery, just so they don’t turn up whilst you’re occupied…



When your lease vehicle arrives


When your lease car turns up, don’t get over excited (like I would) and sign everything straight away – take your time! We recommend you check the following things before signing the delivery note:

If you spot anything 
If you have any issues with the vehicle, you must raise them with the delivery driver and ourselves. That way, we can speak to the dealership quickly to resolve the issue. If you do sign for the vehicle without making the driver aware of the issue first, we may struggle getting rectified, as it’ll be hard to prove if the issue was there before delivery, or since you’ve driven it...



Once you sign for the vehicle, your agreed mileage allocation will start. The delivery mileage is not deducted from your allocation, so you can rest easy knowing your lease mileage is untouched!


General information about deliveries

Driven or transported? 
You’ve got the option when it comes to how your lease car is delivered. You can either have it driven, which is free of charge (to UK mainland) or you can pay to have it transported. Whilst the costs of a transported delivery vary, it’s usually around £1.00 exc VAT per mile. Just ask if you want us to get a quotation for you.


Delivery outside of the UK mainland 
If you live outside of the UK mainland, in most case we can still deliver your lease car, it might just cost a few pounds. Similar to the transported delivery, the cost is around £1.00 exc. VAT per mile. If you don’t want to pay the extra cost, we can meet you on the UK mainland, as close to your location as possible – like at a port if you live in Ireland, for example.


Collecting your lease car
Whilst a free of charge delivery is nice, you might still want to collect your lease car. If you do, just ask us and we will try our best to facilitate this. As some lease vehicles are supplied directly from the manufacturer, they may not pass through a dealership and therefore a collection wouldn’t be possible. Be sure to know how far away the dealer is, too. You don’t want to collect a car from the south coast if you live in Manchester…


Sign on behalf of someone 
In most cases, you can have someone (like a spouse or parent) sign for your lease vehicle on your behalf. We’d just require written confirmation from you (the lessee), given said person authorisation to do so. However, this is not the case with all finance companies, so please ask us if you want someone else to sign for your lease car.



If you want to discuss leasing and how it might benefit you, please don't hesitate by getting in contact, or completing a callback form: