Delivering Your Lease Vehicle

Everything you need to know about the day of delivery
Delivering Your Lease Vehicle

Before your vehicle arrives:

The motor insurance on your leased vehicle needs to be arranged by you. We advise that you have an appropriate motor insurance policy in place prior to delivery, which needs to be fully comprehensive.

When arranging your insurance online, you may find that your vehicle registration or “VRM” does not bring up the vehicle details. If this happens, you may need to speak to the insurance company directly, as their database may not be updated yet (remember, it is a brand new vehicle!) In most circumstances, the registered owner and registered keeper of your lease vehicle is the finance company.


What happens?

The driver delivering your vehicle will be asked to call either when they leave the dealership or, for longer journeys, when they are an hour away from you. This should help you plan your day around the delivery.

  • When your car arrives, be sure to inspect the vehicle whilst the delivery driver is still with you.
  • If you have any issues with the vehicle, you must raise them immediately with both the driver and your Motorlet Account Manager. That way, we can speak to the dealership quickly to resulve the issue. If we are not made aware of any issues before you sign for the vehicle, then neither Motorlet, nor the supplying dealer, will be held responsible… so please let us know!
  • Once you sign for the vehicle, your agreed mileage allocation will start. The delivery mileage is not deducted from your allocation.

Things to look for:

We would like to think that your vehicle will arrive clean, on time and issue free, however sometimes things can go wrong! Therefore, we ask that you inform us of any scratches, damage or excessive dirt. If your vehicle is delivered in inclement weather, this may have an effect on the overall appearance of your vehicle.

We hope everything goes smoothly with your delivery, and thank you for your custom once again!

If you want to discuss leasing and how it might benefit you, please don't hesitate by getting in contact, or completing a callback form: